5 Must Need Skills For A Dot Net Developer

.NET framework does not require any introductions as it is already one of the best frameworks for developing applications. 

.NET framework is developed by Microsoft and a NET developer is the one who designs and manages the software developed with this Microsoft .NET technology. 

When doing a project with Dot NET, you need an expert to cater to your app development needs. Before hiring dotnet developers for your project, know the essential skills that a .NET programmer must need. 


Let’s divide the skills into categories as technical and personal skills. 


  1. Coding Skills (Need these Programming Languages) 

Since Dot NET programmers are responsible for maintaining the software, they need to code to help the app perform its functions. When comes to the coding part, there are two sides to take care of. .NET framework is both front-end and back-end technology! 

Front-end / Client-side Technology 

Developers who are dedicated to client-side tasks should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Understanding the client-side technology is essential to develop the app with client requirements. 

Other than front-end technologies, the other languages a .NET developer should know are C#, F#, VB.NET, and some of the database applications like SQL Server, Oracle. 

  1. Other Technical Skills 

  • MVC Pattern:  MVC > Model-View-Controller. To define the interaction between web apps and GUI, Dot NET developer must know the MVC approach (a software design pattern) 

  • Database: As discussed above, developers should know database apps in addition to programming languages. 

  • SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the development stage of software. Developers have to understand this concept to easier the task. 


  1. Having Certifications 

There are highly valued .NET certifications available- MVP (Most Valued Professional) and MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer).

Having skills and experiences is most valuable than certifications. But a certified developer will be an assurance if you are hiring a new developer for your project. 

(It is optional) 

  1. Communication 

  • Within Team 

Software or app development needs a team with different tech experts. .NET developers should have good communication skills to convey their messages to the team members. In this way, the team can understand others and work peacefully. 

  • Client Meeting 

All developers are working to satisfy client needs. Thus, having good communication is important to talk with clients. Developers always have a meeting with the client before, during the process, and after the project development.  

  1. Other Essential Soft Skills 

  • Best Team Player 

As mentioned, developers are working in a team. Merging with team members is one of the needed skills. Collaborating with other developers and other development teams ensure the quality of the app. 

  • Problem Solving 

All projects and developers need to face problems but having a quick problem-solving skill is an added advantage to finish the project as soon as possible. 

  • Time and Budget Management 

When designing software, developers should be aware of their spending and make sure that they do not exceed the budget. Also being productive is important to manage time wisely. 

These are the top 5 skills needed for a .NET developer. 

Hire .NET developers with these skills to improve the efficiency of your project. 

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