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Visualize and manage your cash flow instantly even while you are on-the-go

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Fantastic rating and Excellent reviews


Very simple yet very practical and handy. I absolutely love this app.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Android App User

Fast & easy to use. It enables you to get a quick check on your finances. Good job guys!

Bernice White
Bernice White
iOS App User

Easy-to-use interface

Organize your cash flow in a fast and easy manner during your busy day.

Manage financial expenses

Keep your personal or family finances easily under control for a certain period.

Make significant savings

You can check your daily expenses and improve your savings.


Sterling money management feature to evaluate and forecast current and future expenses

Facilitate the efficient flow of your cash in and cash out activity with an easy-to-use interface. Our money manager mobile app lets you calculate not only your personal expenses but also for the family members for whom you are financially responsible for a period of time.

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Your benefits

Financial savings

Savings are the cornerstone of building financial security. Quick Cashflow’s inbuilt features like tracking monthly bills and forecasting future expenses help you to eliminate unnecessary spending in your earnings in order to make significant savings financially

Expense calculator

Manage the payments and export them to excel sheet

Database backup

Backup and restore databases as and when necessary

Easily keep control of your finances with the intuitive user-centric interface.

Quick Cashflow allows you to track your current bills and project future expenses. This level of real-time cash flow projection enables you to take control of your spending even when you are overwhelmed by your packed schedule at work or in your personal life.

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