Full Stack Developer vs Software Engineer - Who is what?

Every day a lot of people access apps and websites. Each business needs an app or software or website to organize and run a business successfully. New technology is emerging every day, coding on particular technology has an only fewer lifetime. There is a need for a newer software solution to do anything automatically.

It’s the developer who influences from the simple line of coding to new technology which changes the whole world. So, there is always constant requirements for good developers.

But the question over here is whether to opt for a Full Stack Developer or a Software Developer. Even though both of them develop software there is a lot of differences based on how they handle tasks in the software development process.

Full stack Developer vs Software Engineer

full stack developer vs software engineer

Full-Stack Developer

Full stack developers are who can work in all the aspects of developing software or an application for business purpose or general-purpose. This application can be used by users worldwide directly since it’s an end application.

They are capable of developing the client application, both front end, back end, and even APIs. They can handle all the activities like the project team management, database, operating system, etc.

Necessity of the full stack developer

When it’s a process of developing the end application, the team coordination and communication are more important where the full stack developer is needed most.

They help in managing the team, reduce the technical cost and minimizes the time required for overall production. Since developers can play multiple roles such as team coordinator, application developer, and tester, it reduces the cost in various aspects.

Roles and responsibilities

Full stack developers can perform the various tasks but also have certain roles. They are:

· * Translate user requirements into design or architecture.

· * Manage the project team and coordinate effectively with the client.

· * Able to write code and create test cases for the whole project.

Proficiency and skillset

Full stack developers are masters in front-end technologies and they at least know anyone of the back-end programming language. They also have some basic knowledge of the functionalities of the database and cache.

The full stack developer knows the principle of system design and user interface design. Their knowledge in the version control system let them keep track of codebase to know whether there is to be any change can occur over a period.

Awareness about security and testing also important since each stage has some vulnerabilities. They are also able to write certain codes and API for improving the application.


Full stack developers are experts in developing the design or architecture of the client requirements along with great front and back end skills.

Impact on software development

Full stack developers majorly contribute to creating a fast prototype design for client requirements. They collect all the sub-modules which is developed by individual members of the project to build a final software. They manage all the processes during collaborating with various sub-modules to have a final product.

They manage to work jointly with servers, clients, database builders, and software engineers.

Benefits derived from full stack developers

· * Full stack developers have knowledge of every technology that is been used for developing software.

· * They learn new things during each development cycle.

· * Also, they need not be an expert in all technologies instead they must have adequate knowledge in all technologies.

· * Mostly they are called “a jack of all trades and master of nothing” because they won’t work particularly on one technology.

· * Learning continuously about all new technologies is a tedious process.

· Full stack developer is responsible for collaborating all the modules and ensure the correct workflow.

What lies ahead

Full-stack developers are in high demand and they are often recruited as technical support who can manage different projects.

Software Engineer

When we look into software engineers, they only create a software application that only runs in the computers that can't be used as an end-user application or as an end product. They develop a code using particular technology and test that code to ensure that it can run correctly without any errors.

Software engineers only create some function of the software and only particular users can access that software.

The necessity of the software engineer

Software engineers can decompose the biggest problem into a solvable smaller task. When it’s needed to develop complex software, software engineers will be the right choice.

It's always a difficult process to develop reliable software because it requires a lot of testing and review during the development phase. But for software engineers, testing and reviewing are the common tasks, so they can easily adapt to develop reliable software.

Roles and responsibilities

A software engineer is often called as a problem solver. Their major roles are:

· * To find solutions for major problems both mathematically and logically.

· * Convert solutions into code and implement them.

· * Generate a test case to ensure the quality of the solution they have provided.

Proficiency and skillset

Some of the skills required to be a good software engineer is a great knowledge of programming, some analyzing and testing techniques, the ability to fix bugs and solve them. They must be experts in problem-solving and possess adequate knowledge in the fundamentals of the software development process.


Software Engineers are experts in programming languages and problem-solving skills.

Impact on software development

Software engineers only provide a code-based solution to the problems. They create only a few steps of the application during the software development process.

They also make sure that the code or solution they provided is error-free and provides the exact solution for that particular problem.

Benefits derived from software engineers

· * They will have great knowledge of developing and implementing particular software.

· * Expert problem-solving skills to solve the problem in a logical manner.

· * Flexibility to work anywhere because all fields need some software-based solutions to solve problems.

The major problem is that they will stick to a particular technology and only coding part of the development process.

What lies ahead

Software engineers are always in demand because everyone uses software to solve their problems and make daily work simple and fast. They are recruited as a software developer for a particular field.

Summing up

On a whole, Full-stack Developer vs Software Engineer is meant to say full stack developers carry out the whole process of a web application development. On the other hand, software engineers develop a certain complex application that requires expert skills in the software development process. Finally, it's all about the training they undergo and the scope of full stack developer and software engineer responsibilities in software application development. Infinjith technologies support your company’s project with experienced full stack developers and software engineers. You can hire them for your application development project as per your demand on an hourly, monthly or long-term basis.



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