COVID-19 Outbreak: How We Can Strengthen Our Productivity During This Lockdown

COVID-19 is forming its way across its regions all over the world. Coronavirus outbreak creates chaos for many businesses by locking down the people in their homes.  

Many large companies from Amazon, Google, Facebook, to small, growing and leading IT companies are following this quarantine period to make sure their employees are staying safe and healthy. This is a good time to spend time with our family, but many businesses are scared about their project completions.  

In this situation, the Infinijith team is sticking to our goals thereby the accomplishment of the tasks is ensured through the remote work. Infinijith is a team of 50 employees who are connected in their places to get the projects done. 

With regard to the business and projects, concerns of productivity play a pivotal role. The agile software methodology (i.e.,) Scrumban (Scrum & Kanban) is employed in order to enhance the levels of productivity. As a result, we will satisfy our clients by delivering projects on time and also by providing full-time customer support. The needs of the customers are catered to suitably thereby leading to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. 

You can know here, how we can manage our work via the remote process. 

How we can Strengthen Our Productivity During this Lockdown? 

The challenges are addressed through the commitment of our employees who are connected by the technological process. The primary goal of the business is customer satisfaction. We achieve this by providing: 

*High-Quality Services 

*Project Delivery on Time 

*Complete Customer Support to solve all their queries and to provide required solutions. 

These will help us to reach our project missions. 

Quick Insight About Our Tools and Software: 

Here are the tools and software that are used to manage the work and to increase the productivity.  


Since all the assignments are taken up outside the company, security is of the prime importance that is to be observed. All the project data and details are protected and security measures are taken for each segment of the tasks. 

2. Code Management: 

GitHub: GitHub is a good platform to manage all our program codes and to maintain project collaborations. 

3. For Project and Time Management: 

Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM is an interactive platform to manage our time productively and also to track the project status. 

Trello: Trello is a wonderful app to plan our tasks easily without wasting time. 

4. For Friendly Communication: 

Skype: Skype, the famous professional chat software, helps us to get merged with our clients to discuss the project updates. 

Zoho: Zoho software also helps us to connect with our clients. 

We are using these tools for all the projects. So, it’s easy for our development team to finish the projects easily and also to overcome the vicissitudes encountered during this lockdown period. 

Do Outsourcing: 

If you are a growing IT firm, then you might be facing the project completion issues. Don’t worry about this fallen business results.  

You may outsource the developers or development teams like us to make your work done professionally and productively. 

Which is the right time for outsourcing developers? 

>Whenever you are unable to build your application or project on the right time. 

>Whenever the vast swathes of  barrenness in the productivity of the business venture are revealed by the employees. 

>If you find developers performing well when compared to your staff 

>If you want to finish more tasks at the same time  

>If your developers are unable to work due to their personal reasons. 

Are you facing these challenges? Then, it’s time for you to hire fullstack developers or an appropriate development team to proceed with your project. 

Benefits of Outsourcing developers: 

If you hire developers from outside, you can attain the following advantages: 

1.Saves Time: 

By outsourcing developers, your time will be saved. Because it takes more time to interview and train the new in-house staff for your company. 

2. Low Cost: 

Hiring developers from the outside also helps you to save your money. Your in-house staff need infrastructure with good internet connectivity to work. Also, you have to pay them salaries and other operational costs. 

By outsourcing developers, you can only pay to their work irrespective of wasting more money. So, you can finish your work on the go with a low budget. 

3. Get Experienced Development Team: 

You have to provide training to your employees which will take more time. By hiring developers outside, you can connect with experienced and expert developers who will help you to finish the projects with the latest features. Since they have many project experiences, you will also get quick solutions to all your queries. 

4. Customized Work Flow: 

Since you are outsourcing developers, you can get timely updates of the projects and you can connect with them at any time as they are working for you. 

Also, these developers will work according to your time zone, so that your conversation with the developers will not be affected. 

Benefits of hiring developers from Infinijith: 

The above advantages are provided to you when you are hiring developers from Infinijith. Some other advantages that you are getting with our team are: 

*Hire developers in three different models like hourly, monthly, or long-term period 

*Hire anytime on the go 

*Non-disclosure Agreement 

*As said before, developers follow the Agile Software Methodology 

*Quick and Easy Onboarding 

*Integrity and Transparency 

*Assured Security and Reliability 

*Complete Customer Satisfaction and Support 

Outsource Engaged and Experienced Developers: 

Outsourcing is a good decision as you benefit in many ways when compared to selecting in-house team members. Therefore, decide twice, before jumping into the process. 

If you are having deep project goals and looking for enthusiastic developers to handle your projects, our developers will be the right choice for you. 

You can hire one developer or group of developers (i.e.,) expert development team based on above mentioned three models. We also allow you to interview our developers to understand their technical and professional skills. 

Once you are connected with our development company, our team members will start doing your project based on your requirements as we provide all the dedicated resources to the team. You can contact any member of the team directly without any interference. If you want a separate task or project manager, we will assign them to you instantly. All you have to do is expressing your requirements and stay connected with our company. 

Infinijith’s Working Process: 

Our developers are following the step by step, customized process to complete each segment of the projects. 

1. Explicating Project Goals 

2. Examine the Talents and Assigning the Developers 

3. Planning the Tasks with Effective and Result-Driven Schedule 

4. Evaluate the Process at Each Segment 

5. Executing the Tasks and Complete the Project with Expected Results. 

By planning the things, the working process will be simple and easier to achieve the results quickly. 

Famous companies that do outsourcing: 

You may wonder when you see the following lists, as these popular and customer-friendly businesses are outsourcing to increase their business profits and also to attain the above-mentioned benefits. The companies that outsource are: 








8.WhatsApp, etc., 

The list will go long and all famous companies are outsourcing in addition to their in-house team members to finish their project as they know, the outsourcing will help them in many ways. 

To Wind Up: 

In this pandemic period, without worrying about the office facilitates, and business falls, turn your weak thoughts into strong outputs by hiring developers outside. 

We can connect remotely to build your projects. Let’s chat to fight against this pandemic situation to reach our business goals.   



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