Staff Augmentation- Best Model to Strengthen Your Development Team

Many startups and small-scale companies are facing the scarcity of expert programmers and looking for skilled employees who will be able to maintain their complete in-house team. Hence the process starts off by finding the best developers. You have to know that hiring the employees is not the only way to extend your development team. You have yet another successful model named Staff Augmentation that helps your business in many ways. Let’s discuss it. 

Staff Augmentation: 

Staff augmentation is all about hiring offshore developers from a remote place on a contract basis. It is a collaboration of two companies where the non-tech and tech developers' group come in contact with each other in order to complete a project. It is a popular process where the offshore developers will take care of the project management without any issue in implementing the project.  

You can ask the offshore developers either to work in your space or from home depending on your requirements.  

Nowadays, staff augmentation is the best model carried out in many large-scale companies as they are benefitted a lot. 

How it works? 

To be precise, you can hire the developers of your choice according to your necessities and budget. The offshore development team will help you by completing the project on time with full support. 

How to precede staff augmentation process? 

Selecting the best developers is the main focus in staff augmentation. Here are many tips to choose the right developers. 

1.Analyse Your Essentials: 

At first you need to analyse the requirements for the augmentation of staff. Similarly, you have to decide the skills that you expect in your developers. Following are the major skills required from a developer: 

> Wide knowledge in a particular programming language 

> Updated learning skills in the latest technologies 

> Efficient decision making skills to solve queries in the project 

> Communication skills to convey their project plans   

Likewise, you need to define the required skills of a developer who will be suitable for your project. Based on this, you can find the perfect way to merge your needs with the perfect programmer. 

2.Research in depth and hire developers: 

When the criteria are ready, you can continue the hunt for the apt staff for the project. It needs a lot of research to select a developer, as it is the only way to hire good developers. Do the following process to hire developers: 

> Explore multiple platforms like classified sites, online ads, etc. to know more about staff augmentation services. 

> Examination of the old clients’ reviews and feedback to speculate the pros and cons of the developed company 

> Read the reviews of the company profile and their completed projects to understand the core issues faced by the company. 

> After identifying the appropriate company, interview the developers to make sure that the developer possesses the skills as above-mentioned. 

At last, you will select the developer based on your requirements. 

3.Collaboration with new teams: 

Hiring the offshore developers may not end your staff augmentation process. The next essential aspect is to focus on the in-house teams with the efficient and skilled new developers. The collaboration of new in-house team developers with your offshore developers will form a strong back up for your successful project. Both the teams need to gel with each other in order to have a better understanding among them which will facilitate them to work well for the success of the project. The congenial relationship among the teams will enable them to work without any reservations. 

4. Maintain the Relationship: 

The offshore developers need to have a thorough knowledge about the project, deadlines, and technologies to be integrated, etc. to get the expected results. After the entire development team is set, there needs to be transparency among the developers to understand the project plans and current updates of the task. With the help of proper communication and guidance, you can complete the project on time. 

5.Finishing off agreement: 

Once the project is successfully delivered to your client, the contract between you and the offshore development team will end. You can make the payment based on time and integrity of the staff. Can continue your relationship with the off shore developers by hiring them again for the following projects. 

Hiring the same experts will mitigate your stress of repeating the same searching processes. Similarly, maintaining a good relationship with staff augmentation brings in many positive waves. 

Here are some tips that you may find useful in hiring programmers: How to hire agile offshore development team effectively? 

Advantages of staff augmentation model: 

1. Low Cost: 

The first question that comes to your mind during the selection of developers is cost? The two main advantages of hiring the staff augmentation are as follows: 

I) Temporary Hiring: 

During the searching process of developers, you might adopt two types of retaining the staff either to select the developer as full-time employee or as the offshore developer. 

The permanent hiring of the staff will lead to expenditure like salary and electricity charges, etc., whereas, in temporary hiring, you need to pay the developers for the scheduled time based on their work, there is no need to provide a working place for the off shore developers as they work from their space. 

Thereby, the staff augmentation process is the best model to implement your project successfully. 

II) Hiring People: 

The cost of life in other countries is low when compared to the US. Hence you can hire many developers from hire software developers in India or some other developing Asian and European countries. It will minimise the cost of payment to the developer team. 

2. Low Recruitment Time: 

Many positive features are there in the staff augmentation model such as low cost and time in the selection process. Utilising the same offshore team with whom you have already worked will help you to save many weeks and days which have to be spent for the recruitment process. Because recruiting good employees needs many weeks and staff augmentation needs one or two days to find the experts.  

3. Low Responsibilities: 

When hiring an employee, you need to take many aspects into consideration like employee benefits, their salaries, taxes, payroll, and many other legal activities.  

When you are connected with the offshore team, they will take care of all the legal activities because the team is also a licensed company and you have minimal responsibilities to maintain the team. 

4. No Limited Locations: 

You can hire the developers from any location of your choice. There are no geographical boundaries for your selection process. Staff augmentation is all about hiring coders from remote or faraway places. Therefore, extend your team across the globe. 

5. Maintain Key Factors: 

Every software development project has four key factors like security, scalability, flexibility, and reliability. 

These four factors are always present in staff augmentation process. As a professional offshore developer, the development team will assure the security and reliability of your software project. Their flexibility and scalability in work will help you to attain the expected results. 

6. All Time Presence of Developers: 

Above all, the interesting positive feature in staff augmentation is the replacement of developers. To put it point blank, if your employee is ill or unable to work for the project, you may face severe loss until the new employee recovers from illness to take over the remaining work. 

In case of staff augmentation, when you hire developers and they are unable to work due their poor health conditions, the offshore development company will offer the experts as substitutes to complete the work. Thereby, the work will be completed in the expected time. 

These are some of the advantages that prove that staff augmentation is the best model to implement your software business. 


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