Celebrity Mobile Application Development- Its Benefits, Features, and Cost

In this trendy and tech world, celebrities are easily interacting with their fans and followers. Compared to past years where the celebrity can be only seen on TV, it’s time for them to connect with the fans through personalized mobile applications. 

Celebrity increases their fan engagement by navigating to mobile apps from social media platforms. Stats reveal that one of the most popular celebrity mobile applications, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” hit 42 million downloads and $13.6m revenue in 2014. So, creating celebrity mobile applications is an amazing niche to focus on this time.  

Social media is a great platform for many celebrities to connect with their fans. Not only for business, social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are a great communicating medium for celebrities. Similarly personalized mobile apps are providing the same benefit. 

Benefits of Creating Celebrity Mobile Apps: 

Here are the reasons for developing celebs mobile application: 

(1) More Engagement: Even though many social media applications that contain many celebs profiles, developing a mobile application will increase the connection between celebs and fans. By developing a mobile app, it will provide the details about the particular celebrity rather than displaying all celebrity profiles.  

(2) Increase Brand Quality & Revenue: Most of the businesses and brands partnered with popular celebrities and influencers (based on their industry niche) to advertise their products or services to increase sales growth. By having a personalized mobile app, the celebrity will have unique and a group of organic followers, thus with this strong engagement, many businesses will use this wonderful platform and invest in these mobile applications to advertise and reach their target customers. Thus, celebrities can earn money similar to Instagram sponsorship posts. 

(3) Show Their Talent: Instagram is receiving billions of users per month and one user will follow many celebrities. So, the celeb post may not be recognized in the Instagram home feed or the user may not be able to check all ‘following’ list profiles daily. By having a personalized mobile app, the celebrity can have a set of followers who will regularly check the app that shows details only about them, so the celebrity can show their talent to their fans. With this recognition, they will also get a professional platform. 

Uses of Celebrity Mobile Application: 

Let’s discuss the uses of developing a celeb mobile app: 

(1) As a film industry celebrity, developing a personal mobile app will help to update the upcoming movie releases to their fans. 

(2) As a music industry celebrity, musicians can inform their followers about their upcoming events and shows. 

(3) As a fashion influencer or celebrity, the celeb can share their fashion style like clothing, accessories, etc., with their fans. 

(4) As a sports celebrity, the celeb can show live events or games to their fans. 

(5) As a political celebrity, the celeb can conduct a campaign or poll to their followers. 

With the celebrity mobile applications, the celebrities can be benefitted in many ways based on their niche. 

Celebrity Mobile App Types: 

There are different types of celebs mobile applications. Here are they: 

> Lifestyle: Most of the fans are curious to get a sneak peek of their favorite celebrity life. (i.e.,) their offscreen activities. This will be a free or paid content mobile app where the celeb will show makeup tutorials or shopping activities, etc., For example, if a celebrity is in a cine field, they will show behind the scenes of movie shooting, their daily life routines, etc., Also they will reveal their clothes and accessories brand with the shop link so that their fans will shop these same products as their celebrities. 

> Games: Games are an evergreen mobile app niche and there are many celebrities’ mobile game apps where the celebrity will be the game character. These apps will earn money by subscription model or purchasing a game material inside the game. Also, sponsorship ads can be displayed in the free subscription model. These types of apps can be downloaded by the celeb’s true fans who want to play the game as their favorite celeb character. 

> Celebrity Content: Celebrity is a word that defines a famous person in different industries. The celebrity can develop a mobile application and put content in their niche. For example, a famous fashion influencer can provide exclusive fashion content to their followers through the app. 

> Communicating Platform:  As said, mobile apps will connect celebs with their fans, it will be a great connection medium for one fan with the other fans. 

Celebrity Niche: 

Following is some of the popular celebrity niches where the mobile app content will differ based on niche: 

> Film Industry 

> Entertainment / TV shows 

> Cooking 

> Health and Fitness Influencers 

> Games 

> Sports 

> Music 

> Business celebrities, etc., 

Features of Celebrity Mobile Application: 

Look into the following features that are implemented in the celebrity mobile app: 

User Panel: 

The following features can be implemented on the user side. 

(1) Home Feed: When the user (fans) opens the app, the home feed will be shown with all the latest posts of the celebrity. 

(2) About: This section will show the bio of the celeb with all their upcoming shows or activities. 

(3) Chat: From this section, the fans can chat with other followers inside the app. 

(4) Notification Feature: With this option, the user can be notified of all the latest posts or information. 

(5) Shop: This is a section where the app user can purchase products or check brands that are being used by their celebrities. 

(6) Profile: The user can create an account and activate a subscription model for the celeb’s paid content. 

(7) Share, Like, and Comment: This can be added in the user panel so that the celeb can get feedback for their posts. 

(8) Live Streaming: This feature can be added in both the user and admin panel so that the admin can live stream their events or activities. The app user can view the live stream shows through the mobile app. 

Admin Panel:  

The following features can be implemented on the admin or celeb side: 

(1) Upload Post: From here, the celeb can upload their post in different formats like text, audio, videos, images to the mobile app. 

(2) Schedule Post: With this, the celeb or admin of the app can schedule the posts in advance. 

(3) Social Media Integration: From here, the celeb can connect their social media accounts. 

(4) Album: With this option, the admin can create a picture folder and save their posts in different folders for easy access. 

(5) Conduct Polls: If the celeb wants to take a decision on particular content, this is where they will conduct a poll and knows the audience’s needs. 

(6) Payment Option: The admin of the app should allow multiple payment options to their followers (app users) if they implement a subscription model and all the payment history will be listed here. 

There are some other advanced and needed features that can be applied based on different industries but the above-mentioned features are basic and needed to develop a simple celebrity mobile application. 

Cost of Developing a Celebrity Mobile App

The following factors will decide the total cost for developing a celebrity mobile app: 

(1) Features: As said, the no.of.features that you are adding in the app will decide the cost range. The advanced features will cost more. 

(2) App Platform: Mobile app is the personalized and the best option to develop a celebrity engagement platform. But if you are a beginner and have a low budget, then creating a website is a wise decision. 

(3) Hire Developers: As a non-techy person, you have to hire mobile app developers to develop the application. Hire developers based on your budget and time on an hourly or monthly basis. 


This article gave all the necessary information about developing a celebrity mobile application. Not only the celebrity, but the fans can also create a mobile application for a particular celebrity. But to earn money, they have to get copyrights from the celebrity to post their photos or details.  

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