How to Hire The Best Mobile App Developers?

Having an idea to develop a mobile app for your business? Great. 

You’re in the perfect path to achieve your business goals. Mobile apps are the most used platform where you can find more targeted customers to increase sales. 

       * As per Statista, the world will find 7 billion mobile users in 2021 and 70% of shopping has been increased through mobile apps. 

Thus, you got the point that mobile users are increasing and developing a mobile app is a good decision. Let’s start the discussion of hiring mobile app developers with basics. 

What is Mobile App Development? 

Mobile app development is the process of creating or developing digital applications for mobile devices with necessary programming languages and frameworks. 

The mobile app can be developed to meets the needs of many industries like games, chats, educational purposes, financial, business, news, media, etc It depends on the requirements of your business.  

Mobile App Developer: 

Mobile app developers are the one who is responsible for developing friendly mobile apps that helps to drive organic traffic to your business using appropriate technologies. 

Programming languages used in mobile app development: 

Programs are the software instructions which is varied to business to business, to give digital output based on your business mission. 

As said, apps are built with programs, first, you decide the OS of the app, whether it is an Android or iOS or both.  

The best three Android language list is given now: 

       * Java: Java is the most welcoming programming language to develop android applications. You can use Android Studio, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software to write and compile code to build an app. Java is used easily in the Android studio. 

       * Kotlin: Kotlin is the upcoming cross-platform programming language which is also one of the best choices for Android applications. 

       * C/C++: C/C++ is a basic and easy language that everyone reads and uses. It is used to create a mobile app with basic features. 

The best two iOS app languages are: 

       * Swift: Swift is the general-purpose programming language developed for iOS. You can use Swift without issues as this language is interactive while coding. 

       * Objective C: A quick replacement of Swift language is done by using Objective C, programming used for developing iOS applications. 

       * If you aren’t comfortable with Swift and Objective C, you can also try using Ruby or Python which is also used by most of the mobile app developers. 

Mobile App Frameworks: 

Next to the programming language, the platform is needed to consider to build an app. A software framework is a platform and you can have many choices like: 

  1. Xamarin 

  1. React Native 

  1. Flutter 

  1. PhoneGap 

  1. Ionic 

You can choose the best one based on your app requirements. To know these frameworks in the detail, jump here: Best Mobile App Frameworks in 2020. 

Why Operating System is essential in mobile app development? 

The Operating System (OS) to develop your app is more important to target your mobile users. Hence, you have to decide the right OS in which you are creating, either Android or iOS or both. 

Google Play store has 2.9 million Android applications and Apple Store has 2million iOS applications to download. Thus, it is known that mobile app users are increasing.  

Android applications are easy when compared to iOS and you can have more Android users than iOS. But iOS applications are also driving more traffic. If you are having a low budget theme for your project, then Android is best for you. Learn more detail about Android: Why Android Application is good for your project? 

5 Phases of Mobile Application Development: 

To work in an organized manner and to increase productivity, every development process will have certain phases. Now the mobile app development will also be having 5 phases like: 

mobile app development process

  1. Strategy Planning:  

An overall clear plan will be helpful to understand the project goals and requirements. 

  1. A detailed plan and analysis for the functionality of the app: 

Expanding the strategic plan into a detail scheduled process is helpful to know the next steps of the development process. Understanding the app goals is necessary to have the gradual improvements in the development process. 

  1. App Design: 

The design architecture of the app should be conformed first to avoid issues during the whole activity.  

  1. Development and Integration: 

An app should be developed with a good environment and platform. The development process is separated into many tasks to make the complete project easy. 

  1. Review and Deployment: 

Every development task should have a review process at the final stage to check the outcome is matching the expected results. 

These 5 points are useful to plan your professional mobile app development process. Learn in detail here: 5 Phases of Mobile Application Development 

I think all the above-mentioned details are required to know before starting the development process. Now we discuss the actual topic. 


You are reading this article because you need to hire a good mobile app developer to develop your applications. Right? 

Hiring the best mobile app developers is a good decision as the developers will help you to develop the app looking perfect and professional; at the same time, user-friendly. 

Once you want a good company to hire mobile app developers, you have to follow the following 5 steps to know whether that developer or development company is helpful to your project or not. 

Step 1: Research a lot 

Step 2: Reviews and Feedbacks 

Step 3: Key Factors to see in a development company 

Step 4: Skills to be Analyzed 

Step 5: Final Decision 

Step 1: Research a Lot: 

Yes. As the title sounds, you have to research a lot both online and offline mediums.  

Technology is growing a lot and you can find many resources who are offering development services. From that crowd, you have to identify your developer who is matching your business necessities. 

The mobile app development company is the best choice to choose than selecting freelancers, as the company aid you by using recent features and makes the app professional and customer friendly. 

In an offline medium, you can ask the nearby people who are already committed to these development companies. In online, you can have various keys to find the development company. You can search by categories like: 

      * Country-wise likes India, US, UK, Australia. 

      * Language-wise like English, French  

      * The technology used in the company 

      * A friendly environment with good manners, etc., 

Search more without hesitation and use various categories to find the right app development company. Check the overall services (your development project niche) that the company is offering or not, before jumping into the second step.  

Other than Google, you can also search for the best development companies in ad campaigns like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Social media is one of the best ways to find a dedicated mobile app development team. 

You can refer classified websites to get low-cost mobile app development companies with positive reviews. Also, many resources are providing good mobile app development companies list which will help you to find the best firm.  The resource websites are: Clutch, Good Firms, IT Firms, etc., 

mobile app developers

Step 2: Reviews and Feedbacks: 

Once you find a well-reputed development company or if you find some company details matching your business requirements, then the next step is to read the reviews and feedbacks of that company.  

The reviews were given by the existing clients who were worked with that the company and the feedbacks and reviews given by the old clients will be acceptable as it was an honest opinion. You can now get an idea to proceed with the next step. If not or you are facing negative reviews, then do the task from step 1 again. 

Google is one of the best places to know the reviews. You can simply read the review or if you got any contact details of the old clients, you can make a call and confirm the feedbacks. 

{Image- Infinijith's reviews page} 

Step 3: Key Factors of the Company: 

Once you are fine with the two steps, the next step is to arrange a meeting with the app development company where you will have to analyze the following key factors. 

You can do the meeting online or offline according to your comfort zone. 

  1. Profile: 

In that app development company, check their profile completely and understand an overall process handled by them. Also, you have to check some details like: 

      * Their existing projects 

      * How much they are pricing? 

      * What technologies do they use? 

      * Are they friendly or not? 

      * Whether they deliver the project on time? 

If you get a positive answer to these questions, then you are on the right path and place to find your developers. 

  1. “ity” factors 

Also, check these questions. 

      * Reliability: Are the mobile app development company reliable?  

      * Security: Is the team able to provide more security and able to protect professional details? 

      * Flexibility: Are the app developers work according to your time zone? 

Through one call or chat or conversation, you can able to know all these factors. If you finished the above steps, then you are great. Because you are near to your developer. 

Step 4: Skills to be Analyzed: 

Even though the profile is good and their services match your requirements, you have to examine the crucial skills in the app developer. 

  1. Learning Skills: The app developer should be interested in doing projects with full dedication. Also, he/she should be able to learn new languages and things and update themselves with new technologies. 

  1. Communication Skills: The app programmer not only skillful in the technical region but also, they want to communicate clearly with you; hence you can easily express your business ideas and can get timely updates of the task. 

  1. Technical Skills: Other than non-technical, the mobile app developer should aware of the technology that you want to apply in your applications. 

  1. Decision-Making Skills: If you are in having technical trouble in between the mobile app development process, the programmer should have good decision-making skills to give your appropriate solution to solve your issues. 

All these will know when you interview the app developer. Hence do interviews to know the skills of the developers. Other than the interview, if you want to test them more, you can give them some coding tests. Have you completed these four steps? Then go to the last process. 

Step 5: Final Decisions: 

After you are satisfied with the mobile application developer or development company, discuss the following things with that company. 

     * Pricing: The company should accept your budget range 

     * Design and Technology: You have to explain the design and requirement ideas clearly at first so that no mistakes happened during the development process. 

     * Delivery time: You can decide the time on which you want the project and also get the status of the project. 

     * Good Environment: Finally, if you are happy with the development company, then you can sign an agreement with that dedicated team. 

Now, I hope that you are comfortable with the development company. If not, read the following 3 important points and know why mobile app development companies are preferred mostly than freelancing service. 

  1. Long-term Commitment:  

As a freelancer, he/she wants to work with many projects at the same time. So, this results in the lagging of work in your project.   

But in-app development companies, the mobile app development team or developer will assign for you and the dedicated developers will focus only on your project until it is delivered to you. So, no lagging occurs and you can access the team member whenever you want.  

  1. Accessing Advanced Technologies:   

There are some features in the technologies which are paid to use to enrich the richness of the applications. The freelancer will hesitate to use paid versions and they could finish the project with open-sources.  

But the app development companies will have access to the advanced technologies and features as they have paid versions. Thus, your apps are automatically developed with enriched features.  

  1. Non-disclosure Agreement: 

If you are joined with freelance developers, there may be a chance if the developer may not able to complete the project on time due to personal or health reasons.  

But in-app development companies, if you are uncomfortable with the developer or if the developer may not be able to do the work due to health reasons, the company will assign another mobile app developer with experience and required skills. So, you cannot give up the project in the middle.  

That’s why the development companies are chosen most than freelancers irrespective of pricing.  

Bonus Tips:  

Design Architecture is a key factor in mobile app development. The architecture is the overall design plan to decide the app’s appearance. So, check the portfolio of the company; who has the best architectural design plans and in-house UI/UX designers, merge with them.  

To increase productivity, the company should follow the agile methodology and standard industry process to finish the task on time. So, choose the development team that is productive.  

Hurrah!! You find the best mobile app developer now. 

To Conclude: 

Finding the best mobile app developer is not a big deal once you following the five steps as mentioned in the article. This article will show a path to the best mobile app development company

Mobile users are more and without a doubt, you can start developing your mobile applications for your customers. 

Infinijith Apps & Technologies is one of the best mobile app development company where you can have both Android app developers and iOS app developers to hire.  You can get the best developer at an affordable price at Infinijith as stated in this article. Let’s Communicate to expand your business ideas. 



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