Mobile App Benefits during COVID-19

The world is undergoing a radical transformation in terms of cutting edge technologies in this millennium. Similarly, the top notch companies have spearheaded the new technique of working from home, students are learning through online, travelling is being downsized, and the entire world is put in quarantine for a couple of months without any movement. The lives of the people have come to a standstill. The outbreak of the virus COVID-19 is a great hindrance to the development process of the world.  

Mobile Apps! Yes, apps are the cynosure of the world. The usage of mobile apps is increasing day by day. According to the current trend many employees are connecting their project work from home. As a result of this, there is an increase in the mobile app usage.  

More mobile app development companies are minting money as these mobile apps are the need of the hour. In this blog, let us discuss the nitty-gritty of the developing mobile apps that will benefit the employees and non-employees. 

Mobile App Benefits: 

As per stats from App Annie, consumers spent $23.4B through app stores. App installation has raised 5% in Google Play Store and 15% in App Store. This is the largest turn over that the consumers spent until now.  

It is exhilarating! Right?  

Based on statistics given by Statista, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger are the focal points which have drawn the user’s attention than many other apps. The reason is that the aforementioned applications or networking platforms enable the amiability among the people across the globe.  

Simultaneously, other networking apps like Skype, Viber are used by the business people to continue the project discussions and client calls without any technical issues.  

Before talking about different mobile apps, you have to know that there are many features that have to be considered while developing a single useful app. Read the following to understand the essentialities of Mobile Apps:  10 Important Things to Know Before Developing a Mobile App 

Let’s see every application in brief. 

1. Business Applications - Apps for Projects 

Working from home needs some apps to get connected with the other members of the team and people around the world download many business-related mobile apps in order to run the business effortlessly. Apps like ZOOM, Cloud Meetings, DingTalk are helping business persons to chat with their clients. Compared to 2019, the business app downloads have doubled up in 2020. Starting from China and followed by Italy, the mobile app installations have also raised to its pinnacle of success. 

Following are some of the business apps that are popularly used by the development companies: 


Productivity is the main part of successful project completion. In this case, working from home may decrease the interest. To solve this productivity issues, teams are using mobile apps like Evernote, Pocket, etc., to motivate those involved in the project work. 

Project Management: 

Basecamp, Trello, etc., are some of the known apps that are used for managing and scheduling the project. Every proper schedule of task will reach the expected outcomes and so these apps are user friendly in order to get the project results on time. 


Communication apps like Skype and Slack are one of the best applications. Using these kinds of apps will help the employees to connect with their clients in time to execute their tasks. 

Payment Process: 

Nowadays, online payment is preferred by most of the people as it is the only easy and safe option for money transaction. After the prevalent of the pandemic and the consecutive lockdown, all business payments are safely transferred via PayPal, Dwolla, etc. 

For Time Management and Accounting: 

To achieve the project outcomes, time management is very essential. Taking this into account, modifiers found an app for time tracking and accounting, Time Log and QuickBooks Online are very useful applications for keeping the time track. 

2. Social Media Applications- Apps for Networking 

Before the outbreak of corona virus into the world, social media apps were always part of the human life. But the post pandemic situation witnesses the fact that the social media apps have become the crux of the life. Many entrepreneurs rely on the apps in order to affiliate to other entrepreneurs and they have started networking with like-minded people. 

Social media are the driving force to promote business products and offer multiple options in providing the apt apps. At this juncture people download huge social media applications to use for various purposes. The social media apps make people happy and it also helps to spread awareness of the pestilence especially to many who live in remote areas. 

Facebook and WhatsApp are the leading and all time favorite apps which hold the first place for sharing the public information as fast as lightning. These two are the best medium for connecting the unconnected with social distancing. Apart from Facebook and WhatsApp, the following applications are also helpful: 

Instagram and Pinterest: 

These two platforms are of great help to post different informative image icons. Images speak more than texts. Therefore, these two are the best apps for image posting. Many social workers use these applications to post awareness about corona and also many businesses are using these to promote their products during these difficult times. 


Twitter is the best application to discuss the controversial topics and also the aftermath of this pandemic situation. Many popular celebrities are using this platform to share their own thoughts about this irksome pandemic situation. 


LinkedIn, the first professional networking application is helping to share the current business status with other team members. Along with LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr is also helping us to post images and videos. 

Every app has its pros and cons. The mobile app developer needs to avoid some basic and common mistakes while developing the mobile app. If you want to know the mistakes, get here:  10 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

3. Entertainment and Gaming Applications-App for Stress Busters 

With regard to the stress in the normal working days, the level of stress during the pandemic period is comparatively very high as it is suffocating for the people to be within the four walls of the house. Many who live in the rural areas are unaware of their stress related to their health and job.  

To ignore this stress and to understand that there is something that is soothing for all is the entertainment apps. Some of the famous apps from this category are: 


From kids to adults and older people, there is a plethora of entertainment game apps available as a stress buster. In this way, Clash of Clans, PUBG, Candy Crush are on the hit list of many mobile phones to unleash the stress. 

Streaming Apps: 

Streaming apps are the popular apps that provide the video directly via smart TV and smart phone rather using the cable. 

Netflix, Amazon Prime are over-the-top list (OTT) streaming applications that have set of subscribers. These kinds of apps are producing entertaining videos to get away from stress busters and to make everyone happy and calm. Besides, Roku is a free subscription application that is handy for everyone. 

Tiktok and YouTube: 

TikTok is the largest user-driven platform from the entire world. It is the energetic platform where many people are using this lockdown period as an opportunity to expose their hidden talents to the society. 

YouTube on the other hand, accessed by billions of people where the singers and speakers are posting motivational videos to encourage people to stay away from this pandemic period and they facilitate the people to stay indoors. It is also an OTT app category. 

From March 2020 to till now, these two applications are high in traffic-driven metrics. 

4. Fitness Application- App for Health 

Health is the most pivotal topic to discuss during this quarantine. All are taking more care of their health. 

Many fitness freaks are unable to go to the gym to maintain their fitness level. Applications are also helpful here, as the people are downloading many fitness exercises like yoga, zumba and meditation activities to maintain their fitness levels. Many cooking apps are booming among the people. Even this application is not as famous as the above applications; it also generates some organic users on every day. 

Therefore, mobile applications are always helping people in all walks of lives. If you want to know more about this mobile app, connect here: Importance of Mobile App in Modern Business Environment. 

Final Words: 

Started in China, the growth of mobile app is incredible. Even at this critical situation all of us, use mobile apps to help us stay happy during the lockdown period. Hope this situation will vanish soon. 

If you want to develop mobile apps, then it is the right time as the app’s growth is potential and amazing. You can develop the informative and useful app in any category. 

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