Top 10 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Application Development in 2020

The mobile application is reaching the peak of the online industry as the traffic in this platform is increasing more. Mobile apps are the best choice to develop your business to the next level. But you have to create an app that must meet user expectations. 

Normally, a lot of people are not getting recognized by their customers as they do some mistakes while developing the app. 

Proper planning and organized scheduling of tasks will help you to complete the project on time. Hence this article will help you to know about the common mistakes that you should avoid during your mobile app development process. 

Let’s look directly into the topic. 

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Application Development 

The stats say that 2.3 million Android apps and 2 million iOS apps are waiting to download. From that, only a few apps are popular because they build the app without containing the following issues. 

Read these 10 mistakes and avoid them in your mobile app. Let’s begin. 

1.Developing an app without proper research 

Developing a mobile app involves a greater investment. With the simple mobile app idea, you can’t directly jump into the development process. Before starting the development, you have to make sure that you do a proper and effective search in your industry.  

Yes, Research! 

By carrying out a fascinating research, you may be able to know whether your app idea is already implemented or not. If not, you can proceed with your idea. If your idea is executed, analyze that application and take all the details that are not included in that app. Now, you can create your application applying the excluded app ideas with more attractive features. 

Once you identify your competitors, you can track the activities and strategies that your competitor is following. Include the features that are not used and you can also use the same competitor’s strategies to make your app successful. You have to research details like your targeted customers, app technologies, your competitors, new app features, etc. 

My suggestion is that you can research on the Play Store and App Store, where you can read comments on the existing app by the users. Note down the problems in that app faced by the people and you can develop the app that is giving proper solutions to these problems. Remember to make the research based on your niche. 

2. Developing an app on one platform 

A lot of businesses are losing their targeted customers by developing the app on a single platform. Mobile users are found all around the world and the volume of mobile users is increasing day by day. 

You have to develop an app that supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. But Why? 

Because your targeted customers cannot be assumed only as Android users. The customers may be using iOS or Windows platforms. Hence, create an app with multiple supporting mobile operating systems. 

In general, Android users are higher than iOS and Windows users. 

To get deep thought into this, you can use SEMrush tool and analyze your competitor’s app and at the same time, you can analyze the performance of your app. SEMrush will tell you what type of OS the customers are using. If your targeted customers are using Android more, first you have to develop an Android application with amazing and excellent features and the same for iOS applications.  

Identify your priority platform whether Android or iOS and based on your customers’ preference, start the mobile application development with the latest features. 

3. Improper Budget Calculations 

As mentioned, mobile app development needs a good investment to make the best mobile app. You have to plan your budget before starting the development process. 

Improper budget calculations will lead to the problem in the development process. Plan Before! 

The budget amount is invested in the following things: 

>The industry you are stepping into 

>Paid Software /platform to develop the app 

>Technologies to be used 

>Required paid resources to develop the app 

>Development team 

>Testing tools,  

>Publishing in Play Store and App Store 

>Marketing the app, etc., 

Hence you have to plan the cost of developing the app. If you are not a programmer, then you can hire Android app developers or you can hire iOS app developers at some cost based on a timely basis.  

Note: The better the investment, the better the features of the mobile app. All applications need one-time registration amount to get published on the Play Store or App store platform. 

4. Picking up the wrong resources to develop an app 

As we discussed, it is important to know that who is developing the mobile app.  

Are you a programmer? If yes, good to hear. You can develop the app based on your ideas and technologies. 

If not, you have to hire developers from a reputed and best mobile app development company to develop the app. 

The development company is the best choice to develop apps rather than freelancers. Here, I will list out the three main advantages of choosing the company rather than choosing freelancers. 

>Development Company is Professional: During the app development, there may be a chance to use much software to design the icon or to design many features. The development company is highly professional and they have access to paid software and they will use the latest programming technologies in the app. But freelancers will hesitate to use paid software and ended up using free software with minimum and low-quality features. 

>Development Company has Experts: The mobile app development company will choose the developers who are experts and experienced. Hence you can have talented developers to work for your project. But freelancers may be a chance of being a fresher with little knowledge in the developing process.  

>Hire Developers of Your Choice: In the mobile app development company, you can have options to hire mobile app developers based on your requirements. If the developer is unable to complete the task on time, the company will provide you the other developer with excellent skills. But in freelancing, you have to work with one person and you can’t have a substitute for that developer if he/she may not be able to finish the project on time. 

My recommendation is, even the development company costs a little higher than freelancers, choosing the best development company is a good decision.  

You can read this article to know how to hire developers for your project: How to hire the best mobile app developers? 

5. Less Focus on UI Design: 

Mobile app design is the most important factor to consider which is used to drive more users. You have to make your app’s first impression as the best impression to your customers. To do that, the User Interface (UI) plays a major role. Every app has both server-side and client-side pages. User Interface is the client-side interface where the users access the app. Hence, it should be the best, interesting and attractive to use. 

Ignoring MVP: 

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a real-time product with minimum and enough resources and features to launch this app product. Hence using MVP in your app development process will help you to reduce the development costs, time, and you can develop the app quickly with minimum necessary features. 

An interactive and data-intensive UI with a low loading speed app is highly appreciated among the customers. You have to read this article to know about UI: Importance of User Interface in Mobile and Web Applications. 

6. Irregular App Updates 

Mobile apps are the traffic driven platform nowadays and are growing with many new technologies. Once the app is published on the App Store or Play Store, the developers’ task is not completed. 

Regular updates of the application are followed regularly as per the latest technologies and features. You have to encourage your users to use the app more. Hence, adding or updating the app with new features retain your customers, make the audience happy and they will be interested to access the app more. 

As per stats, the app with regular updates and new features will have higher ratings and higher downloads. This shows that the customer is focusing on new things.  

You can merge with your existing development team and give regular app updates to your targeted customers. 

7. Not focusing on Niche 

When you are running a business and creating a mobile app to enhance your business performance, then generating organic leads will help to improve your business sales. To generate leads, you have to find your appropriate customers. Because, focusing on all people will be a waste of time and concentrating on the valuable customers will help you to gain profit in your business. 

Hence Niche acts as an important part here. Doing all developmental and promotional activities irrespective of the industry is an improper process. Focusing on your niche is appreciated. 

There are many categories of mobile app like: 





*Health or Hospitality 


*Games or Music or Entertainment 


*Real estate 


From that, you have to choose the correct category of your applications and work according to this niche. 

My thought about this point is, creating a niche-based app will help you to reach your customers easily and also it helps you to turn your visitors into organic customers. Hence choose one niche or two appropriate niches to create the content. For example, Business and Finance are the two-matching niches where you can include these industries to produce content. 

8. Dumping too many features on the app 

Always remember that your app should have new features to make your audience interesting in using your app. But don’t provide too many unnecessary features in a single app. This might look like spam or unorganized interface to access the application.  

If you are thinking that your customer needs more features, then you are wrong in understanding the audience. The audience will need minimum bout necessary features. 

The app with many unnecessary features will lead to the following: 

>Slow loading time - which may navigate the users away from your applications. 

>Needs maximum storage space to download or install the app 

>The UI/UX design is not interactive that will disappoint the users. 

So, publish the app with wanted technologies and customizations. Little customized options are also one of the ways to make the app more interesting. Also, you can try to publish the app which is working also in both online and offline mode. 

9. Low user expectations 

Does your mobile app meet your customers’ expectations? 

Customers are having different thoughts and the expectation of one customer will vary from another customer. Hence, understanding the customer requirements properly will help you to satisfy your customer needs. It is not an easy task. 

To make your application favorite for your customers, you have to follow some steps. These requirements are considered as general necessities of all viewers globally. Let’s start. 

>Simple welcome message when opening the app 

>The fast loading speed of the app 

>Does not want to fill a long size sign up form for registering the app. The application with no login step or less login (email and password) is enough to access the app. 

>If the app is payment-based, then minimum bank details with less personal information to fill the form are enough. 

>Not having too many ads on the mobile application. 

You have to create the app with these common and expected requirements. Once you publish the application, then by getting feedback from your customers, you can improve the additional requirement factors. 

10. Not using the correct marketing strategy 

Finally, promoting your app is the remaining step to be considered. Marketing helps you to reach millions of audiences easily and help you to find targeted customers. 

As there are many marketing strategies followed by your competitor, being smart helps you to become top among the competitors. 

Some of the marketing strategies to follow are: 

>E-Mail Marketing: Emails are the potential platform to generate leads. Most people start their day by checking their emails. Hence you can create positive and attractive mail containing your app information and you can send it to your viewers. 

>LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can get many professionals based on your app niche. Connect with them to increase your leads. 

>Social Media Marketing: Social media always become handy to promote new products and services. Hence post the app details on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest which will generate more traffic to your application. 

>SEO (Search Engine Optimization): With proper keywords, you can rank your application top in search engines by doing SEO. It is a free and organic way to promote your application. 

Bonus idea: Visual content is getting attention nowadays. Hence create fun and entertaining videos based on your app and business, colorful image posting and infographics are some of the best ways to get new customers. 


Mobile app development is having a bright future as it is gaining more traffic. But developing apps without mistakes is the main thing to remember. Hence these 10 mistakes as mentioned above are to be avoided to produce a successful mobile application. 

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