Top 12 Node.Js Application Examples

With a strong developer community, Node.js is becoming one of the best runtime environments. Released in 2009, Node.js is acting as a cross-platform environment for creating data-intensive and efficient network applications. Being a part of the JavaScript community, Node.js is useful for executing JS code without issues. In addition to this, it can be used with any type of programming code. 

Here are some of the features and advantages of Node.js that will help you to understand this technology better. 

Features of Node.Js: 

>Node.js is very fast in executing the code. 

>No buffer takes place when uploading audio or video files in the applications. 

>It has a license and named for its high-security feature. 

>It is appreciated for the functions like non-blocking thread execution, single-threading, and asynchronous code. 

Advantages of Using NodeJS in Your Application: 

Node.js is providing many benefits to its users as below: 

>Easy to learn this technology 

>It is a single programming language and based on JS 

>It offers more freedom to its developers to develop the app 

>Node.js is highly extensible and scalable 

>Best for caching 

So, if you are planning to develop an application and are looking for the best technology, then, without doubt, Node.js is a part of your technology stack. 

Types of Apps build with Node.js: 

Do you know which types of applications can be built with this Node.js? The following ones are: 

Chat Apps: 

Many chat or communication apps are so popular nowadays as they help you to contact someone far from you. You can use these types of apps for audio calls, text messages, or video conferences. Hence these apps require strong I/O operations and features. Hence node helps you by providing its non-buffering codes. 

Internet of Things: 

Internet of Things (IoT) is a great thing in today’s digital world. The data transfers takes place in IoT, and Node.js aids you to use multiple requests without issues. So, it helps to transfer the data easily on many devices. 

Ecommerce Applications: 

Ecommerce is the best platform to reach tons of customers for your business. Node.js is the best tech stack for building ecommerce applications because it offers your user-friendly features like non-blocking I/O systems. So, you can handle multiple customers at a time.  

You will have much more advantage when you use Node.js for ecommerce application development to make your online presence effectively. 

For Plugins: 

Plugins are the most essential part of many applications, as it adds additional features to them. In that, Node.js Plugins are one of the best choices for the apps. 

This being said, many popular applications which you are using in real-time are built with this Node.js technology. Let’s see those Node.js applications in brief. 

Top 12 Node.Js Application Examples: 

The following Node.js examples may be familiar to you as you are using these applications in your daily life.  

1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the number one platform for the professional communities. It has 500+million users with 260 million active users. At first, LinkedIn is using Rails technology.  

Since Rails is synchronous, LinkedIn has to wait for more time to complete a single process. 

Hence, LinkedIn transfers to the node. Node.js is the current back-end environment for this LinkedIn mobile application. Now, LinkedIn is performing 20 times faster than before and also takes less memory for consumption. 

2. Twitter 

Twitter provides an interactive application to its users to connect with many people from different regions of the world. With 330+ million active users, Twitter has to offer high performance. Hence the Twitter developers used this Node.js technology to build the backend of this app. 

With Node.js, the Twitter application is performing better than before with low loading time. Hence the attitude of the users to share the information also has increased to this world instantly. 

3. Medium 

Medium has 100 million active readers. Medium is a wonderful platform for content creators, writers and businesses to share their content with their clients. Since it is a data-driven app and wants to deliver the content without issues, Medium uses Node.js for its web servers.  

With the best coding feature, Node.js connects the Medium with its clients. Also, Medium uses Matador as a Node framework to increase app performance. 

4. PayPal 

PayPal is one of the handy applications to transfer the amount. Replacing the traditional cheque method, this digital platform has 305 million active users around the world. Many online businesses are integrated with PayPal for their payment gateway process. 

PayPal is built with Java. However, to handle the request from both server and client-side, PayPal used Node.js. This Node.js helps PayPal to handle the multiple requests from the clients to servers and vice versa. 

5. Netflix 

Netflix is the number one platform for video streaming. Netflix currently has 158 million+ subscribers with most users in the United States.  

Video streaming is a platform that has to be handled carefully because the loading speed and quality of the videos are to be high. So, as said before, Node.js is the best for uploading a good video file, Netflix uses this Node.js platform. When compared with Java, Node.js helps Netflix by decreasing the slow loading speed and also helps in providing high-quality video to its users. 

6. Mozilla  

Mozilla Firefox is one of the favorite web browsers for many in this online world. Mozilla delivers the results in seconds and helps in reducing low loading speed. 

Stats said, approximately half a billion people use Firefox as their default browsers for searching needs. Same as above, web browsers will face issues in handling multiple requests at the same time. To ignore this, Mozilla uses Node.js to handle multiple requests and fast loading speed. Node.js aids the Mozilla team by increasing their productivity. 

7. Yahoo 

Yahoo is a famous search engine like Google and it has 228 million users who are actively using this web service provider platform. 

Node.js is named for developing single-page applications (SPA) and Yahoo uses this Node.js as their front-end technology to build as SPA. Also, it handles multiple requests. Due to Node.js, Yahoo increased its search engine performance. 

8. GoDaddy 

GoDaddy is a platform that sells domain and web hosting. Many popular businesses like Crescent flight operations host their website with the GoDaddy domain. 18.5 million users are using this GoDaddy platform to run their website.  

GoDaddy is using Node.js as a part of its technology stack for building its back-end side of the platform. GoDaddy is comfortable with using Node Package Manager (NPM) for their platform. 


Walmart is a famous multinational retail corporation with 265 million active customers. Since it is an ecommerce website, it receives multiple customers at a time.  

In order to deliver the best results in the website for shopping, Walmart uses Node.js to handle the multiple modules at a time. Scalability is easily achieved and the responsiveness is higher in the Walmart website. 

10. eBay 

Next to Walmart, eBay is also a popular eCommerce company that has 168 million active customers. 

Node.js provides the best code to eBay to handle multiple live connections on the websites as eBay generates more traffic at the same time. Hence the asynchronous code of Node.js avoids the slow loading speed and helps eBay to drive more traffic with high-quality images and website performance. 

This is why eBay prefers Node.js for the web application. Want to know why Node.js is so popular then read our blog Is Node.js is better than PHP to know the benefits of Node.js comparing other frameworks. 

11. Uber 

Uber is a growing customer service community that provides responsive services to its customers. Jumping into niche services like transport service, Uber is having 23 million+ customers. 

Since the customers search for their food or transport requirements in the Uber application, Uber uses Node.js to handle the client information. Node also helps in increasing the scaling feature of the app as accurate and customer-friendly. The interactive performance of the app by Node.js encourages its customers to use this service again. 

12. Airbnb 

The final example app of Node.js is Airbnb. In 2022, more than 150 million users are there in Airbnb. It is the best marketplace that provides homestays, lodges for more number of tourists. Airbnb offers the best hospitality services to its customers and thus having a million users and is increasing with more customers. To manage the Airbnb server with its customer's server and to handle the client request, Airbnb jumped into Node.js technology.  

Thus Node.js increases its server and client's communication well with its asynchronous code feature and also helps Airbnb to get more traffic by handling multiple location requests in a short period of time. 

These are the popular applications that rely on Node.js. 


The open Source Node.js JavaScript run time environment provides you a lot of features and advantages in developing an application. I hope, these 12 Node.js application examples have given you an idea to build your application in the Node.js framework. 

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