Node.js vs Python- Which Suits Your Application?

Would you like to know the best technology for your web application?  

Have a glance at Node.js and Python. 

It is an arduous task to hand-pick the best platform which enables you to create a web application. Many were baffled to select one from a few. Here is a wide range of multiple featured technologies which will facilitate you to identify the right one. We will discuss the differences among the various apps and their applications. 


Node.js is the JavaScript runtime environment for web application. The programmer has to decide, whether to use Node.js as a back-end or front-end for development. 

Features of Node.js: 

>Rapid execution of the application 

>No buffer time is required during the app development 

>Instant synchronisation of execution process with the available data is a useful feature  


Python is a high level programming language that is used for developing web applications and desktop-based GUI applications. Besides this, it is dedicated for back-end development and it needs front-end technology to complete the web app development process. 

Features of Python: 

>Has a large developer community since it is easy to learn and use 

>Cross-platform and Object oriented programming language 

>Large Library Files 

Node.js vs Django: 

Specifications include the running environment and languages. It is also essential to note the frameworks for the development of tasks. The basic framework is the platform to develop the app that contains a set of programs and library files with compiler. 

We know that Node.js is closely associated with JavaScript because Node.js is the framework of JS language. Similarly, Django is a framework made for Python. Thereby, if you choose Python as your technology, then Django is the best framework to build the applications. 

Let’s discuss the differences between Node.js and Python. 


It is essential to compare the following features like speed, performance, etc., to enhance the quality platform. 

1. Developer Community: 

Both node.js and python receive positive responses from its developers and numerous uses. 

As per statistics from TOIBE, Python occupies the first position and Node.js is in the second place with increasing developers. 

Nevertheless, this pragmatic statistics alone will not suffice to prove that Python is the topmost technology. 

2. Industry Verticals: 

Python, was developed in 1994 as a pioneer to Node.js, which is written during 2009. Python is being used in all industry verticals like business, arts and entertainments, Shopping, etc. for a very longtime. 

Therefore, Python has a more industry-based developing experience when compared to Node.js.  Node.js is a budding technology whereas it increases its user group as a competitor to Python. And many top notch web applications rely on this Node.js technology. 

3. Speed and Data-Intensiveness: 

Every development process has a goal to create high quality, user-friendly and data-intensive applications. 

In this case, Node.js gets the winning position among the other technologies. Node.js is highly appreciated for its speed, fast execution of application at a short span of time when compared to other technologies like Python, PHP, etc. Node.js is used for high level development projects in industries like ecommerce or graphics. 

If you would like to delve deep into it, pay a visit to the following website:  Is Node.js best for ecommerce website development? 

Python has certain lacuna in its applications.  Thereby, a lot of developers go with Node.js a complete data-intensive application. 

4. Python vs Node.js Performance: 

Performance is directly related to Speed feature. Node.js rules the roost by its high pace while Python is inadequate in its speed and shows low performance when compared to Node.js. 

The reason is Node.js is created under the powerful and popular brand called Google V8 JS engine. It is updated with all the latest cutting edge technologies and performs better than Python.  

At this juncture, messaging apps are designed with utmost care, taking the distance into account. Node.js comes handy and swift to deliver the message from one people’s device to another. 

5. Handling Errors: 

Errors are inevitable part of coding that exists among the developers. The transparency in Python helps to identify the errors quickly and rectifies it at minimal time. 

Similarly, Node.js’s predominant quality is to identify and avoid the bugs in the applications. Naturally, it is a win-to-win situation of Node.js and Python as both are capable of handling the errors easily. 

6. High Scalable Platform: 

Scalability is all about using a particular technology with flawless performance. As per this definition, Node.js deserves to be first as it provides asynchronous execution of application. 

You need to hire node.js developers, if you would like to create a complex app with less errors and high performance. 

Python provides some tools to maintain the flawless performance. Whereas, Python’s architecture is not as scalable as Node.js. 

7. Easy to Learn and Use: 

It is easy to understand the Node.js technology, if you have an insight over JavaScript. The aforementioned technologies are easy to code and perform very well. 

On the other side, Python is a high-level and an easy language to code the applications. 

As per reports based on these, Node.js is the top most frame work to learn and Python is the best programming language to use in the app development. 

Python is easy to learn and use than Node.js. technology.  In addition, if you are aware of JS, then you can proceed with Node.js technology. 

8. Suitable Applications: 

Node.js performs faster; the code is not as standard as Python. Therefore, without any doubt, you can use Node.js technology for small scale applications. 

If you want to build large and massive application, then Python is the best choice because the coding level is not complicated like Node.js. 

You can use Node.js as front-end or back-end development whereas Python can be used only as the back-end platform, as it supports with its framework like Django. 

Applications Built with Node.js: 

The following popular applications are created using Node.js technology: 





>Netflix, etc. 

To get detailed information about the above mentioned apps, read the following: Top 12 Node.js Applications 

Applications Built with Python: 

The following are apps built with Python: 




>Uber, etc., 

Node.js or Python for Web Development: 

Node.js is best at: 

*Faster performance 

*Non-blocking and event-driven execution 


*Small scale applications and data-intensive apps. 

Python is best at: 

*Easy coding language 

*Large developer community and industry experience 

*Providing fast and reliable apps 

*Large-scale applications 


Every technology has its pros and cons. You need to decide the best technology that suffices your application requirements and business goals. 

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