Top 9 Python Application Examples (Python & Django)

Created by Guido van Rossum, Python is one of the famous high-level programming languages and act as a support language for managing and testing purposes in app development. 

Due to its versatile features, it becomes the best platform for many applications. 

Features of Python: 

> Easy to Code- This is why Python is the best language for many programmers and developers. 

> Portable and Integrated Language 

> Free and Open-Source Platform- It is the best option for programming beginners.  

> One of the popular object-oriented programming languages, Python is also easier to read. 

Advantages of Using Python: 

Here are some of the benefits that you will get when using Python for your application: 

> Since Python is free and open-source, all start-ups, small and medium scale businesses can easily able to develop their dream application 

> Not only startups but some of the big companies are using Python in their application due to its amazing resources. 

> Without any external resources, developers will access all the internal functions and resources of Python. This is great as you can find all the features on one platform. 


A framework is a set of resources or packages that is used with programming languages to support the application development. Django is a famous framework for Python that is used in Python app projects to decrease app development time. 

Since Python is used to create Django, its high-speed library resources are very helpful for every application that is using Python. Also, easy to learn. Among many of the Python frameworks, Django has a strong community to use it for popular app development projects. 

Top 9 Python Application Examples: 

With hundreds of applications built with Python, let’s see the top and popular applications that are built using Python and Django: 

(1) Instagram: 

With one billion active users per month, Instagram becomes one of the top-most social networking applications in the online industry. Before it is acquired by Facebook, this image-sharing platform is built with Python and Django. Even now, it includes Django in their tech stack. 

Since Python is simple and Instagram is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, this combination works very well. 

(2) Amazon: 

Receiving millions of shoppers every month, Amazon is one of the top ecommerce platforms selling goods to their customers. To manage their customer’s data, this platform selects Python as one of their technology. Due to the portability and scalability, Python is used to manage big data easily. 

(3) Spotify: 

Spotify is becoming the best streaming app for many. Because of the high speed and large data analytics capacity, Python is chosen by Spotify to develop its user experience. Hence Spotify is managing different functions like Radio, Discover, etc., with the help of Python. 

(4) Pinterest: 

Becoming a huge platform for bookmarking images, Pinterest is also used as search engines to find new information. 

A large part of Pinterest is taken care of by Python technology as it is the best language to manage big data. Even some other technologies are also used in Pinterest, Python plays a major role in the Pinterest technology stack. 

(5) Disqus: 

Have you heard of this application? Disqus is one of the top plugins for commenting activities. By inserting this plugin into the website, businesses can easily manage their customer feedbacks and reviews. Due to the high-security features of Python and Django, it is applied in the Disqus application.  

(6) Uber: 

Uber, the peer-to-peer ride-sharing application, later provides food delivery services, is receiving more amount of traffic. Since it is all about calculations and Python is used by Uber to manage supply and demand, traffic, etc., Again, Python is the best choice for creating an app that includes large calculations. 

(7) Reddit: 

Written on Common Lisp, Reddit is a popular discussion website where many users end up discussing much useful information. Later, Reddit uses Python due to its easy-to-use resources and greater development flexibility. With the “batteries included” approach on Python, Reddit is easily managing its complex functions. 

(8) Facebook: 

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform that receives billions of users every month. Due to its growth, it is also acquired many popular platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., According to one of the blogs from Facebook, 21% of the technology stack of Facebook lies in Python. 

(9) Google

Google is everything to the internet. All the above applications are accessed on Google (also on other search engines). YouTube, the popular video streaming app by Google is also using Python. Thanks to the best library resources, Python is providing many friendly applications to its users. 

To Conclude: 

As you can see, Python is one of the recommended languages that provides friendly features to applications. Along with Django, it makes the app development process safe and easy. 

All the above-mentioned applications are one of the top and most used platforms in the world that uses Python as part of their success. 

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