React Native VS Kotlin- A Quick Comparison in 2020

Mobile apps have become the emerging platform and the mobile app traffic is very high with well-appreciated response from the people. So, entrepreneurs are focusing on mobile app development process to develop their business to the next level.  

To meet all the business requirements, many technologies are introduced and many developers and businesses are confused with different languages and frameworks.  

So, we will discuss the most famous technologies like React native and Kotlin and find out which is the best for your application. Let’s Start. 

React Native: 

Facebook created React Native for the development of mobile applications. It is considered to be the best JavaScript framework to develop Android and iOS apps. As an open source platform, React Native is free to every business requirement and for every developer to develop the latest application.  

Applications Built with React Native: 



*Uber Eats 


*AirBnB, etc., 

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On the other hand, Kotlin is famous for developing web apps and mobile apps on Android platform. The feature of iOS platform is coming on the way but Kotlin is always one of the best options for Android application development. 

Applications Built with Kotlin: 

Most of the apps are using Kotlin language to develop their Android version. Some examples are: 





*Atlassian or Trello, etc. 

Since most of the popular applications are built with these two technologies, it’s worth to compare them and it’s a good decision to figure out the best platform for your application. 

React Native vs Kotlin: 

Here are the six features of React Native and Kotlin: 



3.Time and Code 

4.Developing Environment 

5.Developer Support 



When discussing the technology stack of these platforms, both React Native and Kotlin have their own developing language that you have to learn to use it in your applications. You are not allowed or not flexible to choose your language. 

React native is generally a JavaScript framework and the developer should use JavaScript/ JSX syntax in the react native application. This means that you need to have knowledge in JavaScript programming language, if you want to develop application based on React native. 

Kotlin is designed especially for developing the mobile applications. So, you can use Kotlin to get the native app features and experience when developing the Android applications. 


Performance is one of the prior factors that hits developer’s mind when choosing the best application technology.  

When looking deep into React native, a native experience Android app is able to develop with multiple segments. With React native, the developer should need JavaScript code to develop the Android applications along with API components. To achieve these code functionalities, react native uses third-party libraries. 

But on the other side, Kotlin is meant for Android development, it is created with native functions. So, Kotlin automatically gives native app experience to your Android applications and also it doesn’t need any third-party libraries to communicate with your app components. In simple, native app technology is more appreciated than cross-platform technology. 

So overall, Kotlin is providing best Android app performance when compared to React native. 

3. Code Reusability: 

React native provides you all the resource requirements to build the app efficiently. It allows developers to write the code based on any platform like Android, iOS, or on web. 

Kotlin needs lesser code for using the functionality. So, developers can easily write or modify the code effectively with the help of Kotlin.  

On the whole, both react native and Kotlin are well equipped with the reusability of the code and helps the developers to design the app with lesser codes. 

4. Developing Environment: 

Developing environment is the main thing to start your app development process. 

Similar to code reusability, the development environment of both react native and Kotlin also stay in the same line. 

With react native, you can use any Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or text editor with the help of NPM package manager. Kotlin is also giving you the flexibility to choose the best text editors from many other editors and installation & development of Kotlin do not take more time. 

The ‘hot reload’ function in React native helps you to reload the code automatically that makes the development process simple but in Kotlin, the auto reload function is little slower. So, react native is more productive than Kotlin. 

5. Developer Support: 

The biggest tech company, Facebook is maintaining the react native technology with the experienced and expert software engineers. From the stats of GitHub, react native has large set of responsive community. 

Kotlin is also managed by the great company called JetBrains. The JetBrains development team is named for developing the best IDEs for the applications. The dedicated developers are always focusing on the improvement of the Kotlin language and help the coders to develop good Android application. 

6. Availability: 

React Native is the best choice for developers who are well knowledgeable in JavaScript. You don’t need to have separate team for Android and iOS app development instead you can use single react native team. React native framework satisfies the Android and iOS app requirements at the same time. 

Kotlin has found to be having an effective growth to ignore the issues faced by the Android developers. So, it is considered to be the future of Android applications by offering the advanced features to its programmers. 

Which is better? 

React native managed by Facebook and used by many popular apps, it is one of the best frameworks for developing the mobile app without a doubt.  

But Kotlin is also maintained by the coders and passed many tests before releasing. Hence you can completely hope Kotlin for your Android app development.  

If you are planning to develop only Android app, then you can consider Kotlin. But if you want to develop Android and iOS app on the go along with web app, then react native is the best option. 

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Still confused to choose the right technology? Let’s talk and build your applications together. 



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