Top 20 React JS Application Examples

React js, created by Jordan Walke, Software Engineer at Facebook, is one of the most popular frameworks for developing user interfaces of a web application. React js is the famous front-end library used by most of the developers. 

There is so-called architecture in the app development process, MVC, where M is Model, V is View, and C is Controller.  

Model is taking care of application data and business logic; the view is the UI of the application where the data is displayed; the Controller takes care of user requests from the view and renders it with the model.  

In simple, MVC is a software pattern to build UI where the views are separated from the model and controller so that one’s change cannot affect the other. Since V is the UI, in this, React JS is only based on V (i.e.,) View. React js is also used for creating reusable UI components. 

Amazing Features of React js: 

Every technology has its features to develop apps, so you have to know the features of react js. 

>Data Binding: With a required callback function, one-way data binding allows developers to modify the properties of React js. This helps to maintain good data flow in the application. 

>Virtual DOM: DOM- Direct Object Model. The virtual DOM helps React js to build an application that is faster, reliable, and scalable. 

>Components: React js components are developed with some logic that is used for visual interactions of the UI in an app. 

>React Native: React Native is a popular mobile app development framework that uses React js to build its components for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. 

To know their exact differences, visit here: Difference between React js and React Native 

Why React JS is Popular? 

As above said, React JS is the most used front-end library, but why? Let’s discuss the reasons how React JS is useful for developing the UI of a web application. 

>Since rendering the data in the architecture, it is named for faster rendering. 

>It is appreciated for its high productivity and maintenance 

>Stable code is assured here 

>It provides you a developer toolset which is helpful for your UI development process 

>It gives you rich interfaces 

>Since it provides reusable components, it tends to faster development 

>Helps to create SEO friendly applications 

Want to know the reasons in depth? Read this: Why React js is preferred most? Top 7 reasons. Now, you have an answer that why React js is popular. Let’s jump into its examples. 

Top 20 React js Application Examples: 

There is a 20 real-time application build using React js that is used by the people in their busy lives. The examples are: 

1. Facebook 

Facebook provides an interactive UI to the customers for posting images, videos, etc., The sharing option is highly appreciated here and it is well-suited for promoting the business. 

After developing React js, Facebook uses it as its front-end. React js is also the reason for the big hit of Facebook as it renders the high-speed data to the users globally to make convenient use of Facebook. React js is based on components and this architecture helps Facebook to provide notifications, comments, etc., to the people without reloading the page. Also, News Feed, where the news live appears with the amazing feature of the React js. Now, Facebook is having approximately 1.69 billion users globally. 


Instagram, as equal to Facebook, provides interesting UI to its clients by offering a place to post photos and videos which are quickly recognized by the people. 

Not only for the Facebook’s web platform but also for Facebook’s other products like Instagram React js is also the best. 

After becoming a product of Facebook in 2012, Instagram, the mobile app, is needed to be built on the web platform also. React js is the best technology, the developers used, to build the web platform of Instagram. After developing the web app, Instagram reaches the customers more by offering new features like live hashtags, geolocation sharing, etc., Thus, Instagram becomes a massive hit and now it has 112.5million users only in the US and as global it has users equal to Facebook. 


Another popular product of Facebook is WhatsApp. As we know, WhatsApp plays a major role among its customers by providing an engaging UI for chatting, sharing photos & videos, locations, documents, etc.,  

The UI of the WhatsApp is built using React js. Not only for the UI, but also for the web platform development of the WhatsApp React js is used like Facebook. Now WhatsApp users are found 2 billion all around the world. 


Reddit is an American web content platform where various people (or Reddit users) gather together in a single platform to make discussions about various topics and queries. In 2019, Reddit has 1.27 billion users globally and now it is increasing with its audience. At first, Reddit is built with Python and use the web framework, Pylon (a web app technology written in Python). 

Later the Reddit is navigated to React js technology and has various features to make its clients happier. 


PayPal is an American company where people can transfer money online. Though there are many online money transactions app, PayPal is recognized until now. PayPal is having 305 million accounts across 25 countries. 

To meet the needs of the customers, PayPal decided to integrate new features in UI by using React js technology. React plays an important role in the tech stack of PayPal. 

6.Yahoo! Mail 

Yahoo! Mail is one of the popular ways of sending and receiving messages. Yahoo! Mail is created using C++ with HTML code but now it is upgraded to React js technology. At first, Angular is selected by the developers and due to its flexibility and some features, developers used React js to update Yahoo! Mail. React js helps this Yahoo mail by providing better data flow with virtual DOM that renders the server and client-side. It has actively 200 million users. 

7.Vivaldi Browser 

Vivaldi is developed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. Vivaldi browser is a web-based browser providing search engines to its clients with its basic features. It has greater customization options like changing the background color, moving tab, etc., This Vivaldi is built with Nodejs and React js. In 2019, it has 1.2 million users and currently, it is growing with React js features. 


Myntra is a fashion-based eCommerce company located in India which was later brought by Flipkart in 2014. This Myntra eCommerce website is using React js technology for building UI and React Native is also incorporated into it. Due to the flexible nature, React js helps Myntra to develop the website with new features. 

9.The Newyork Times 

The technology stack of the Newyork Times is filled with React js, Node, and Graphic QL, which helps Newyork Times to provide better front- end and the best UI to its customers. This is achieved by Nick Rockwell, CTO at NYT. The basic PHP is now replaced with React technology and it has approximately 150 million online users around the world. 


Netflix is an American media provider firm where the users get high-quality live streams, TV shows, movies, etc., The Netflix is not completely developed with React js. It is using HTML along with React. As a dynamic website, the HTML contains React as a part of the app development. 

11.Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an educational and non-profit firm providing free online courses to children in various subjects. It was created by Salman Khan, who is an educator. This Khan academy website comprises React along with React Native for the Khan academy’s mobile app development. Thus, Reactjs is providing better UI in the learning applications. 

12.Code academy 

React js is also working in this Code academy process. With 45 million users are visiting the site, Code academy provides a better UI for its clients with the help of React js. The components of React js helps the app to analyze the isolated UI while not disturbing the other features in the app. Here it is thankful to React js features. 


Tesla, the American electric vehicle company is one of the most famous businesses in the world. Founded by Elon Musk and his team, Tesla met 3,67,500 car deliveries in 2019. Elon Musk is also used react js technologies for his Tesla products. React js is becoming the basic foundation for the web app of Tesla Motors project where it gives better user experiences. 


Airbnb is an online marketplace platform providing homestays or lodging to its clients. Airbnb had 150 million active users with its best hospitality services. The web app’s front-end is designed with React js features that give the best UI and UX services to the customers to book their wishful places to stay. A lot of Airbnb developers love to use this React js technology for the front-end development of this web app. 


BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is a pioneer media company that provides trustful news to its audience. To improve the features of the web app and also to provide high-quality UI and UX services to the customers, BBC use the React js concept to build its front-end with a high-quality and user-friendly web app. 


Dropbox is another example of React js application as it recently migrates to the React concept. Dropbox is a file hosting service provider that provides cloud storage, client software to its customers. Dropbox uses React js because of its one-directional data flow and secured features. 


Mattermark is another React app example where it provides services like connecting startups with potential investors. The web app is built on React js and due to its good UI design, the customers are easily completing their actions on the web page. 


Atlassian is a software company developing software development products along with product and content management products. It is purely designed with React js. The React js features help the developers with excellent features like reusable libraries to enhance the functionality of the app. 


Cloudflare is also an American based company where it provides internet security and content delivery network services to its clients. Due to the reliable and flexible features of React js, Cloudflare is also using the React to its web app. 


Finally, Asana, one of the best project management tools is also using React js. Both web and mobile apps of Asana help people to track and schedule their work to increase the productivity of the users. In the motto of creating a simple website with security features and a better loading page, Asana chooses React js to incorporate it with the best UI designs. 

Winding Up: 

I hope these 20 React js app example gives you an idea to build your own React js application for your business. 

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