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We Help You Achieve Awesome Things With Custom Animated Explainer Videos

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How Does Animated Explainer Videos Help Your Brand?

An explainer video is a brief marketing video designed to explain your business ideas or product concepts interestingly. Our creative writers and designers ensure your explainer videos are truly engaging and offer these benefits:

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Clarify Your Key Objective

An explainer video helps you to connect better with ideal customers. It explains your idea simply and interestingly so that your customers get the right message.

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Rank better in Search Engine

Explainer videos grab the visitors’ attention immediately. Thus, with the help of relevant video content, your website will get higher search engine rankings.

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Generate Increased Interest

Explainer videos are the perfect social signals to spread the word about your business. It attracts highly targeted visitors to your website who could be your potential customers.

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Increase Web Traffic

Freshen up your site and make it more attractive to search engines with explainer videos that improve the brand visibility of your business.

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Increased Conversion Rate

Explainer videos highlight the power of visual cues to attract customers and inform how many visitors on your sites could become actual customers.

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More Social Media Shares

Videos get more traction and are easily shareable on social to get more reach. Thus, it allows to gain more engagement, thereby, helping you promote your business.

Process & Deliverables

You will get a perfect mix of interactive storytelling and brand-new concepts when you work with us for your Explainer Video Projects. From analyzing the interest of the audience to presenting the videos in a high-quality format, our team makes sure you don't miss anything.

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Research & Analysis
  • Target Audience's Interest
  • Brand Ideation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing Goals & Objectives
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Video Scriptwriting
  • Making Concepts from Creative Brief
  • Scriptwriting with a clear-cut story
  • Framing Storyboard Steps
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Video Production
  • Brand Identity Match with an exact style frame
  • Character Illustrations/Designs
  • Visual Background Effects
  • Animation & Voice-over recordings
  • Music and Sound FX
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  • Quality Review
  • Feedback and Iterations
  • HD Files in All Popular Formats

Our Explainer Video Service

What type of explainer video do you need?

Your story makes you unique and resonates your brand better with different audiences. We offer explainer video services in 3 broad categories depending on the complexity of the subject, audience persona, brand identity and budget.

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We Help You Achieve Awesome Things With Custom Animated Explainer Videos


Want to know how to make an attractive explainer video? Do you want to find Which is the best explainer video?

Find an answer below for you all your questions over Explainer video.


Why to use an explainer video for your business?

If you’re a running start-up business and going to launch new product then you will definitely need a explainer video for your product. Explainer video will help you to achieve high traffic, generate Leads, spread awareness faster and better and most importantly they can fit for any digital marketing campaign.


Why should my company have an explainer video?

The animated aspect of our explainer videos can help your target audience to better understand and visualize your idea. When you look into explainer videos, they have a combination of both audio and visual that stimulus to explain a concept simply and understandably.


How can I create an effective explainer video?

You need to put scriptwriting in the first place if you want to make a good explainer video. If you write a good script, you increase your chances of creating a good video, but if you don’t, then it will be much harder to create a video that can engage the user and gets results. Next thing you must great amination effect over your script that mesmerizes the user’s eye.


How long should an explainer video be?

An explainer video shorter than 60 seconds have the highest retention rate. So, it's better to have a shorter video will be usually better. Having a 1-minute video will be a sweet spot to get the viewer's attention point and perfect crossover of the content.


What are the services included in the cost for an explainer video?

These are the video services that are included in the cost: Script - Storyboard - Illustration - Animation - Voice over - Background music - Post production


How does the process work? What is the turnaround time?

We create videos in a simple step-by-step process to make working with us easy. Our team handles everything at every stage of the process from ideation to script, design and animation. We work to fixed turnaround times so you know exactly when each item will be delivered. The following is the typical turnaround time for different types of explainer videos: Animated videos – 6 weeks - Interactive video – 8 weeks - Demo video – 4 weeks. In case you require a rush turnaround, we’re always happy to discuss and schedule specific delivery dates.

Other Services

We don’t limit in providing the solution but also help in establishing the brand. We engage your website with the best UX/UI design, promoting your business using targeted digital marketing techniques and spreading awareness using an explainer video.

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