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Content Marketing Services

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Content Marketing Services
  • Our team comprises content strategists who've got the right skills to produce the content of various types - from website contents to eBooks for multiple business verticals.
  • A team of highly professional & experienced content marketers & copy writers who know how to create and curate content that matters most for your business.
  • We offer fresh & quality content to improve your traffic by writing highly relevant SEO-friendly content for both on-page & off-page optimization of your website.
  • We provide different content marketing packages that suit your needs.
  • Track the performance of your content to ensure everything to improve your business marketing potential & image.
  • We've a proven track record of growing social media presence, building strong online-reputation, blog readership and lead generation.
  • We ideate and run cutting-edge content marketing campaigns created by our highly skilled team, all this within a decent budget.

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How Does Content Marketing Help Your Business?

There are many content marketing benefits regardless of whether you are marketing to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C). Content marketing:

  • Enhances brand visibility of your business
  • Engages your audiences with lasting relationships
  • Increases brand recognition and awareness
  • Creates brand loyalty and trust with your customers and prospects
  • Helps you build authority and credibility in your domain
  • Positions you as a top business thought leader in your industry
  • Drives more traffic to your site and improves lead generation
  • Opens a communication channel through social media engagement
  • Helps your customer to quickly make the purchase decision
  • Provides value to your business with no strings attached

Our Content Marketing Services

The value of the content is only realized when it is distributed through the right channels. In accordance with this fact, at Infinijith Technologies, we not only create valuable words but also make sure that it reaches the target audience via effective distribution channels.

On-page Content
Product Copywriting
Whitepaper & Ebook
Press Releases
Email Marketing Templates

On-page content have its greatest impact when it comes to building long-lasting contents that always add value to your business. It remains effective than offline contents in this modern age. We ensure to push regular on-page contents to keep your visitors up-to-date.

  • Push content to secondary channels
  • Boost marketing efforts
  • Multi-channel distribution

Process & Deliverables

We follow a five-step process to ensure your marketing campaign runs smoothly as per the plan and delivers the desired result with the help of right metrics.


Brand Creation

Research is the first step to make an outline. It involves the ideation of audience & user research, building personas and user journeys.



Build pillar contents based on topic wise by making a targeted keyword list and creating content calendars to formulate a creation plan.


Brand Creation

Once a content strategy is chalked out, the next step involves the creation of high-quality, meaningful, and relevant content to match the needs.


Brand Connection

Our content marketers blend all the marketing channels to maximize the potential of content to reach across all content channels perfectly.


Brand Measurement

Our analytic experts evaluate the success of the strategy by measuring all relevant data and make requisite improvements to make it better.

Brand research
Brand Research

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Want to know how content work and what it can make for your brand?
Find below some clarification for your content and content marketing related doubts.


What’s involved in creating a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a plan for driving targeted visitors to the relevant content. It includes setting up objectives, customer personas, customer journey map, and plans for creating, promoting and measuring how content marketing assets and programs perform.


How do you measure content marketing success?

As with any kind of marketing strategy, you need to set KPIs and measure your results to prove its success. So, you’ll have to know exactly which KPIs illustrate the success or failure of the content marketing campaign. Once all these metrics and goals are set, we identify which pieces of content are adding value and which platforms users are using as they move through the customer journey.


How long does content last?

Content marketing efforts are not like paid ads in which if you stop paying, your views and sales dry up. An evergreen piece of content lasts for years and will act as an asset on your content channels until you remove it.


Do I need to constantly create new content?

Content creation is an ongoing process as long as your business runs. You can also streamline and simplify the content process by repurposing content. This approach allows you to freshen your existing content and make it consumed by people with different tastes in content.


What tools do you use for content marketing?

We prefer several tools to help us put together a blog or infographic. First, we turn to tools like Moz, SEMRush and Keyword Planner to find the targeted keywords. During the content creation process, we use Grammarly as a default grammar check and also peer review the content to evaluate from a different perspective. When it comes to an infographic or image, our designers use the latest graphic tools for quality content creation.


How much should I be spending on content marketing?

When it comes to content marketing, the more money you spend, your content will be likely higher quality and more of it.

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