Why You Need an Explainer Video for Your Business?

In today's digital world, marketing in industry to building awareness and understanding about products or services is not that easy thing. You need to create awareness of a product’s along with your brand but its challenging for any marketer, as customers can’t physically interact with the item. So, you need to find a creative marketing technique that can impress consumers with the benefits of their product.  

But what will that creative marketing technique? The answer will be the explainer video marketing. Explainer Videos are informative videos about your brand and that can communicate best what your company offers.  

You may think why the explainer video for marketing. But on the web, everything is changing and evolving from day today. The type of content found on the web is continually growing and changing with new, fresh ideas such as interactive sections, videos, infographic images, etc... You need to set your message apart from the rest of the content that presents on the web.  

The explainer video will be the one to help you to stay ahead of your competition

An explainer video can be animated video or like-action footage that focuses on explaining various types of sophisticated problems, business and product/service concepts to peoples in a simple way. A video can easily simplify the complicated theories and breaks them down into simple ideas that are easy to understand.  

why explainer video

Benefits of Explainer Videos

1. A Tool to Grab Your Audience Attention  

Getting Attention is incredibly challenging since you may not get a notice of people in the busy world. According to a report to grab human attention you have only 12 seconds.  

An explainer video is a powerful tool for any business to get the attention of viewers. This due to our brain is more attracted to entertainment videos than the traditional web content or an image. When you came across any compelling animated video, it will command you to watch it at once. It is because it awakens curiosity and I will also offer you an exciting medium to understand new concepts.  

Even, including a video in your blog does not slow down the page load speed like images or other bulky items.  

2. Explain your Business to the user Ease  

We cannot explain every single product easily. If it's a technical product like software, specialized equipment, it will need a detailed explanation. Moreover, users will only purchase the product once they understand the use of it. You need to give them strong reasons to spend their hard-earned money on the product.  

An animated explainer video will bring your character into a real-life situation that can be linked to your brand. Users like to watch if any characters facing problems and how they solve that problem, which will thank your product/service.  

3. Connect and Build a Relationship with your customers  

Building a relationship is vital in the world of digital marketing for any brand. You cannot expect a sale without having loyal followers who trust you. If they become a loyal follower will purchase the product from your company regularly.  

A repeat customer is more profitable to you than new customers. Even you will become your brand ambassador it's due to they continually recommend your brand to others, which leads to more sales.  

4. Converts your visitors into customers  

A recent survey by Video Rascal states that 85 % of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an explainer video.  

Explainer videos help in converting the visitors on their sites into actual customers. It helps in tracking what product or service potential customers are interested in. This will help you in improving the particular product quality and quantity.   

Tips for making a good explainer video  

While there are different types of explainers like animation or live-action footage that can engage better with different audiences. But there are a few important characteristics that all of your marketing videos should address.  

Quality: People will come to a conclusion about your product or service by the quality of the content that you have presented to them. Making the first impression with high-quality content is always paramount and rememberable.  

Targeting: Mostly generic videos are quickly dropped and forgotten about it over time. While building explainers videos you need to decide your precise target audiences in mind.   

Branding: Your Color selection, logo placement, designs, user interface, etc...… all these branding elements that are present and used expertly in marketing videos also must make an impact on the user's mind.  

Rhythm: Maintaining steady speed is critical in explainer videos. Timing the action, animation, and story in the right way helps keep audiences entertained and engaged until the end.  

Message: When video lacks to have a clear message or isn’t able to convey it clearly to the user, then it can’t live up to the company’s expectations reach. 


An explainer video makes complex things to your customer by explaining your product features and boosting your business sales in multiple ways. It creates a unique identity for your company and makes people excited about your product and inspiring them to purchase them.   

But remember, not all explainers' videos are good and make the impression on the user. It depends on whether or not you have a high-quality video in all aspects like story, design, music, etc. Depending on your resources and quality, you will get the user attention 



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